There is no right or wrong culture, only in relation to what the organization
        is trying to do and what the environment in which it's operation allows.

Organizations cultural impact how an organization (employees, suppliers and customers) respond to
its strategies, practices, communications which ultimately is about business results. It represents the
accumulated learning of an organization, the way of thinking, feeling, and perceiving the world that
have made the organization successful. The question is to what extend they support the new strategy?

Assessment of Culture helps an organization to distinguish its cultural values and preferences.
In the next step it helps to understand the impact of the organizations culture and examine its
appropriateness to support and enable the new strategy. Based on the result management can make
an informed decision to

  • maintain those elements of the culture that continue to be adaptive and relate to the organizations
  • integrate, blend or at least align the various sub cultures (sales, development, etc.)
  • identify and change those cultural elements that may be increasingly dysfunctional.
  • adjust the strategy to fit the organizational culture!

Assessment of Culture can save time, money and effort for your organization to achieve high
performance and business success. We can help to build cultural competence and provide the
infrastructure for leveraging continuous improvement.