What would be the cost to you and your organization if the change fails?

If you have already started your journey of change a Health Check® will give you necessary
indication of what you might need to start, continue/ emphasis or stop doing.

  • Is the reason for change still valid and agreed upon?
  • Is there still a shared vision desired by those that are going to "make it happen"?
  • Is there enough capacity and experience to manage the change?
  • Are there effective structures are in place to execute the change?
  • Is there a realistic process to implement, monitor and control the status of change?
  • Are there structures in place to prevent the management and staff to fall back on old behaviors
    when the going gets rough?
  • Is the company culture prove to be conducive to change?
  • Are the customers and suppliers supportive of the change?

Health Check® is partially interview based and partially based on evidence of change. It can be what
is needed to revitalize the change and course correct.

Here we can be your partner and help you to ask the right questions and find the right answers
regarding what you need to provide to foster the change. We can thus help you increase your chance
of business success.