Innovation is the capability by which we get the future we want as opposed to the future 
we receive by default. (John Kao, 2008)

The ability to innovate is a key success factor for companies increasing their business value. For
decades drivers of change demanded focuse on continous incremental improvements which is about
becoming a better version of the same thing. The demand has shiftet as the competetive advantage
might not come from improving further but transforming; may that be transforming products,
services, production, processes or business models. The degree of transformation depends
on the ability to manage innovation.   

Innovation management is a challenge in any organization. 

  • How can you judge whether your organization is as innovative as it could be?
  • How can you ensure that your organization is getting the benefit of its investment in innovation?
  • What are the drivers of innovation in your company?
  • What areas of business do you want innovation in? Business partners, Services, Products, New
    Technologies, Business Models, Production/Manufacturing or Business Processes?
  • What does your innovation management system consist of?
  • What skills and tools are you using?

Innovation management system includes all the aspects and capabilities an organization needs to
generate innovation systematically and not entirely based on chance. For information about how we
can contribute please contact us.