What’s the situation in your organization?

  • You need a model for improving your organizations performance or for auditing other organizations
    e.g. your suppliers or for preparing for an audit?
  • What is your focus, the organization or some project(s)?
  • Your processes do not match the needs and objectives of your business? As if shooting a bird with a

With the CMMI® product suite and ISO 15504 we can help you right now to:

  • do a gap analysis to find out where your organization/ projects are against model(s) of your choice
    identify the strength and weaknesses (and risks) of your organization/ projects in relation to
    your business and improvement goals and objectives.
  • define an improvement road map and structure to close the gaps and harvesting the the fruits of
    your effort.
  • Rescue your organization/ projects from overkill processes.

Doing this together with you and your staff will increase the understanding, motivation and
involvement of all those involved in the actions that might be necessary an as additional result.

We can also help you and your projects to interpret and implement the model(s) according to the
needs of your business and the context you are in. This will save you a lot of time and energy trying to
integrate practices and ways of doing things that may not serve your organization and people.