Many organizations suffer from lack of experience in process management which ultimately means no
or very little return on investment
. Consequence of it can be any of a combination of the following:

  • theoretical processes not solving the existing problems,
  • introducing additional processes without removing the old ones, 
  • generating dubble and even tripple work load for the projects,
  • mirroring the model blindly and not satisfying the needs and objective of the organization,
  • re-inventing the wheel, 
  • process group being isloated.

The Process Management Competency Center is an approach to bring the process groups to
fulfill its purpose. Benefits are:

  • process group becoming a strategic part of the organization enabling organization to
    reach its goals and objective

This can be done by:

  • focusing on the added value, salvage of the effective processes and removing the un-necessary,
  • realistic process that do not duplicate work for the projects, 
  • close contact with projects and addressing gaps identified at customer audits and real problems
    projects face,
  • removing islands of processes, stop re-inventing the wheel.

The Process Management Competency Center is designed to comply with CMMI® and SPICE
requirements and can be utilized to bring the organization to capability level 3 for related process