Scrum can be an effective approach in situations where the management is willing to let go
of micro management and empower motivated individual and enable them to be successful
(freedom with responsibility). This means giving authority and responsibility to the teams
in return for a flexible, agile and highly motivated team that is customer focused and efficient.

Benefit of Scrum approach compared to the traditional approach:

  • transparency to the progress of project scope on daily basis,
  • feedback to the product at the end of each Sprint (increments of 3 to 4 weeks).
    The team demonstrates its result to the management and obtains feedback,
  • a tangible product that is enhanced with each Sprint,
  • volatile requirements, even late in development, can be managed for the customer's
    competitive advantage,
  • highest priority is to satisfy the customer, both internal and external through early and
    continuous delivery of valuable product,
  • project planning, monitoring and control incorporated. This through the planning of the
    activities for each team member in work packages of 2 to 12 hours and through the
    burndown charts that show on daily basis which work packages are completed
  • Sprint = learning cycle (team retrospective at the end of each Sprint).  Learnings/
    improvements can be applied to the next Sprint.

For those that are familiar with software engineering, agile development and concretely
Scrum is a combination of self organized teams, incremental development and team project management. Very powerful when done correctly!

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