Many organizations suffer from not having their projects deliver with quality.
Many times projects aim to bring in quality through debugging, patching and rework.
Instead of debugging, one can plan and build in quality through:

  • proper processes and sufficient support for understanding and applying processes, as well as
  • pro-actively checking process adherence and work product quality so that you know if the processes
    are worth following.

Invest in putting in place a quality management organization that works closely with the projects.
This gives much better return on investment than investing on removing bugs later in the project.

The Quality Management Competency Center is an approach to make quality group a valued
partner to the organization. Benefits are:

  • transparency to the status of the projects process adherence and quality of work products,
  • proactive support for identifying, understanding and applying processes, in the projects, especially
    when project members are scattered in several organisations with their own set of processes, never
    knowing which process to follow, 
  • quality trends for products being developed,
  • support of projects to close their process adherence gaps identified at customer or internal audits.

The Quality Management Competency Center is designed to comply with CMMI® and SPICE
requirements and can be utilized to bring projects faster to capability level 2 and 3 for Quality
Assurance related process area. It also impacts other process areas where Quality Assurance
is required.