Are you and your organization ready to embark on the change?

Readiness Check® when embarking on a change evaluates the availability of the preconditions for
change to happen.

  • What is at stake? Why change?
  • Is there a sense of urgency in the organization?
  • Is there a common understanding of what the problems are?
  • Is there a shared vision everybody wants to realize?
  • Is there enough support for (the) change from management and staff?
  • Is there an understanding of what’s involved (inc. risks!)  and what it takes to make it happen and

Readiness Check® is an interview based analysis of your organizations readiness to embark
on change. The Readiness Check results in identification of

  • gaps and the likely impact of each on the change at hand,
  • strenghts and weaknesses of the organisation when it comes to managing (the) change are identified.

We can offer a Readiness Check® of your organization before embarking on change. We can then  
go further and together with you design the change.
We can thus help you increase the chance of your
business success.