Many project organizations suffer from not being able to manage requirements and changes to them.
Being able to manage requirements and cope with volatile requirements enables projects to stay
flexible with regard to customer requirements. While continuing to meet project targets such as
schedule, delivery, cost and quality precision.

The Requirement Management Competency Center is an approach to bring selected projects
under control. Benefits are:

  • the project scope in form of complete and valid requirements and changes to them is known at all
  • traceability between requirements and between requirements and artifact's of different life cycle
    phases is established on the level that satisfies the business needs,
  • realistic resource allocation possible,
  • increase in precision regarding cost, lead time, delivery and quality,
  • transparency regarding status and progress of the project based on directly observable data. Always
    being able to show the degree of completion of requirements and changes to them and predict the
    end date for the project.
  • reliable project reports based on observable data, each providing a complementary view of the
  • flexibility regarding new and modified internal and external customer requirements, 
  • stakeholders are properly involved, customer and management can respond based on data they can

The Requirement Management Competency Center is designed to comply with CMMI® and SPICE
requirements and can be utilized to bring projects faster to capability level 2 and 3 for Requirement
Management related process area.