More often than not changes required these days are not just about developing a set of instructions,
moving from old to new technologies, or re-organizing the company yet again, but about managing
a transition from an old culture to a new culture, where a transformation of mindset and values
is necessary to achieve the desired result.

In the world of today, a major constant factor seems to be the need for change. The ability to
recognize the need for change and the
ability to change and bring about change has therefore
become an issue of major importance for individuals, companies/organizations and communities.

Working with organizational change for years, I have witnessed how often success or failure seem
to depend on these abilities, and have come to pay special attention to the topic of change until it
became a central focus in my work.

This company is dedicated to facilitating transformational change. This does not mean that
we do not work with technical topics, but that we will always look to properly and centrally
integrate the ‘human factor’, which tends to be missed out quite often – though more often than
not contributing to change efforts frequently failing in the end.