After many years of extensive experience in change management within product development
organizations as well as more than a decade of experience in consulting - both as internal and
consultant, nationally and internationally - I decided to start this company to offer the
kind of service which I felt is needed but not yet offered: A change management service that
at its center aims to 

inspire and empower people, organizations/companies and communities to perform and live
their desired change
rather than just seeing people as obstacle to change. 

To address all aspects of change – people, process, and environment – we have at our disposal
a whole range of models and tools, which we are able to apply in the most meaningful way for
the clients we work with.

To stay lean and flexible we are cooperating with colleagues, partners and associates, establishing
teams of experts to match the requirements of each client assignment. We stay lean because we
want to avoid being the person with a hammer where the solution is always hammering a nail, or
being a company compromising what is right for the client. As in many cases what is good for the
client and for the consultancy company are two different things.