We can help you design an environment that cements the change

What’s the situation in your organization?

  • The quality program did not deliver the results hoped for?
  • The new strategies implemented did not deliver what they were meant to?
  • The reorganization did not solve the issues it was meant to solve?
  • Despite all the effort, projects are still chaotic, late, costly, not to mention the
    quality of the product they deliver?
  • Are you tired of apologizing to your customers for the performance of your projects?
  • Process, structure, strategy, goals changed, but the real issues are still persisting?

The environment for change is fundamental for change actually coming off and becoming sustainable
– and this can be addressed, changed and shaped as well. A good design of environment, creates a
pull for change, rather then our common approach to push for change! Environment is e.g.
organizations culture, Information system, technology, tools and processes, Organizational structure
and functions, Reward and recognition system, Colleagues, customers and clients influence on us.

Common source of change failing is failing to

  • adjust the Environment. What do we need to change in our environment? The reward and
    recognition system perhaps?
  • utilize the Environment. What in our environment will cement the change?